Volunteer Empowerment Training

Social Service Volunteer Empowerment Training are held systematically in different provinces targeting to train up volunteers (majority are left-behind women) to care for and help the needy children and elderlies in the rural villages. Love Foundation provides meals and all costs for the training course, allowing the students to concentrate on their learnings without any burden. Everyone treasures this learning opportunity, putting much focus during classes and taking them seriously.

Since 2014 till now, more than 10,000 volunteers have been trained to provide services .

The training mainly aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the volunteers, enabling them to learn how to use the computers and education materials etc. to assist the service stations to carry out all types of social services. Besides, these trainings also help the left-behind women to build up a more positive self-image, values and self-confidence and having a mission to serve more people who are in need.