Voices from Volunteers

General Secretary - Ms. Rebecca Leung
Giving my 5 loaves and 2 fishes
Management Committee Member & China Affairs Officer - Mrs. Chinny Kwong
Love is the source of our energies
Management Committee Member & Officer of Fundraising Department - Mrs. Maureen Yu
Small and Loyal Works
Executive Director - Mrs. Joise Tan
Five years in blink of an eye, three deep lessons
審核部主任 - Winnie Lau
Selfless contribution and blessing
教育部主任 - Ms. Tracy Sheung
Light up
United States team - Ms. Maggie Wang
Overseas Chinese connecting with motherland in distance
United States San Francisco City Team - Ms. Sylvia Loh
All start from God's love
Ex-Media & Information Technology Department Officer - Ms. Otta Wong
China Affairs & Community Care Department Executive - Mrs. Lau Kam Fong
Shanghai team - Ms. Tracy Tai
Live out love
Shanghai team - Ms. Anita Wong
Children live in love
China Affairs & Education Department Executive - Ms. Cheung Ling Fei
Ex-Officer of Fundraising Department - Ms. Lam Yung Yung
A beautiful mosaic of charity work
Education Department & Medical Care Department Executive - Dr. Chan Becky