Voices from Volunteers

General Secretary - Ms. Rebecca Leung

Giving my 5 loaves and 2 fish

In November 2013, Agnes told me that she would set up the Love'n Care Campaign" in China to care for the tens of millions of left-behind children, I was extremely excited at that moment since it was a hard-won opportunity to be part of the team to start the campaign. I have thus witnessed the establishment of Love Foundation and have been assisting voluntarily in its operation for 6 years.

My profession is a chartered secretary, I often help my clients in setting up companies, handling corporate management works, but I do not have a lot of experience in the actual operation of a charitable organization. Thanks God! When I took up the challenges by faith, God had given me wisdom, strength and energy to complete each task. Even though I was physically tired, my heart was filled with joy and happiness. I also thank Agnes for always trusting me and giving me a lot of learning opportunities. I have seen in her what is meant by selfless giving. In order to drive this huge campaign, she has not only contributed money, but also endless actions and efforts from her heart. It is not easy at all to carry out the mission with direction and persistence and to lead the Foundation to move forward.

Besides, I am thankful to God for sending a group of volunteers who are willing to commit, having different talents individually and are ready to use their strengths in different aspects. They become the faithful and firm force-the core team of the Foundation. We have walked through the past 6 years together through storm and stress and have become close comrades! When all of us put out our five loaves and two fish for use by God, we really saw miracles, achieving tasks men consider impossible! This year, another miracle happens. God leads us to start our service at schools in mainland and Hong Kong. We really need more volunteers, capital and resources to bring this huge campaign to a success. It is my hope that you can join in to contribute your five loaves and two fish, bless others, and experience the joy and the miracles throughout.

18th Nov., 2019